Saturday, June 5, 2010

afterthoughts, South Florida

o  The 2/16/2009 issue of the Florida newspaper Stuart News presents two articles:  one titled 'O'Meara says Tiger ready, just no sure where', "...Speculation has increased over the past week that Woods would make his debut in Tucson, Arizona..." datelined Boca Raton, and 'Proposed mosque to be discussed', "...whether to approve a new mosque and the Lennar Homes Inc. development agreement ...The county is considering Dr. Abdul Raoof Shadani's request to build a mosque on Bell Avenue in White City...", datelined St. Lucie County.

o  12/31/2009  --  a pothole remains open within the roadway entry/exitway from East Ocean Blvd into Ocean East Mall, near the Valvoline Station, Stuart FL.

o  1/2/2010  --  cracked sidewalk  near Plastridge Insurance offices not far from Park Pharmacy along SE Ocean Blvd/A1A and Hospital Avenue.  Middle School pond addressed SE Ocean Blvd has been reduced to a sinkhole-sized mud-puddle, nearby new brick building completed.  Limp green leaf-pods hanging from tree at Hospital Park will become curled and black during the summer months.  Grass is growing tall at the base of a concrete electrical-wire column in the Krueger Creek area not far from another such column bearing a pink ribbon, both implanted on private-property; cracked sidewalk nearby columns and also elsewhere along SE Ocean Blvd including cracks radiating from bases of such columns.  Cracked sidewalk beside KTR, where there are no concrete electrical-wire columns.

A white four-door Audi motored hither-and-yon on the Federal Highway at Johnson Avenue, turning into a driveway to make a u-turn, almost pitching pedestrian-I into sidewalk-side foliage.

o  1/10/2010  --  Lizards intact but in cold-shock on 10th Street, Palm Beach Road and Martin Luther King Boulevard sidewalks.  Green-glass broken Heineken bottle along Palm Beach Road within wooded area at MLK Boulevard.  Two trucks brutally hacked at corner property just north of Church of Christ.

The east side of Bruner Park pond is seen to have a small dam, with water moving into the western Martin County FL branch of the St. Lucie River along with some canal flow not far from USPO on Johnson Avenue.    Cold-shocked toad removed from SE Ocean Blvd/A1A again, nearby former Treasure Coast Hospice Thrift Shop sign.

o  Riding in an vehicle toward Bradford PA about a week later, rest-room wallboard in a GA Burger King restaurant was so thin that the kitchen noise on the other side could be clearly heard  --  and vice versa.

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