Tuesday, June 8, 2010


o  Picked up a free magazine from a downtown market Sunday night, titled Signs of the Times "...published monthly  by Pacific Press (R) Publishing Association...ID...".  The cover story is 'Does God Destroy?', but tucked away within pages 6-10 is 're-sparking the passion', where the General Secretary for the Society of Archaeological Sciences is quoted as saying, "Passion is the hot component of love...".  Expectations that a 'height report' would be made to help describe an unusual and rare oracle-bead site were instead dashed when The Hite Report was contracted.

o  In a similar vein, the most recent SAS Bulletin:  Newsletter of the Society for Archaeological Sciences presents on page 22 reference to French-language Forgerons et siderurgie en pays dogon... by Caroline Robion-Brunner 2010 Volume Three Journal of African Archaeology Monograph Series.   The title alludes to the mucousal oracle-bead chronicle in its placement within northwest PA's Allegheny Mountain range, although the author does not describe the artifact  --  the mucousal-bead has been forged in the nose and nasal cavities of its maker, filled with memory-images and a voice-strip, and has been viewable when lying on the ground beside a limestone roadside-rest/monument to peer underneath and see the bead (and its historical contents).  Images from the oracle-bead were mentally-transmitted (i.e., occult transmission) to find the 'Lucy' remains in Africa.

o  But wait... the SAS Bulletin is now lettered as 'The Society for Archaeological  Sciences', with icon change from 'inkwell' to sharp-pointed 'trowel', as of Volume 33 Number 2 (Summer 2010).

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