Sunday, June 13, 2010

mountainside mud

Two rain-downpour episodes during the very-early and early morning left many mud puddles in the west Bradford area, none more challenging than those watery messes left in dirt-road ruts along the mountainside.

The dirt road shown begins where Winter Street in its current state ends, and extends along the mountainside through various aged oil-well equipment sites above Prospect Avenue, Winter Street, Summer Street and Pleasant Street to Sanford Street which intersects with Jackson Avenue.  A rain-clouded view toward Degolia PA from an area of new homes alongside Prospect Avenue is a micro-cultural vista. 

Other dirt roads branch from this particular road toward the mountaintop.  In the future the dirt-road/trails might be formally designated to be oil-history trails.  Shale protrudes from roadway dirt, shown during light rain-drizzle; tiny green apples already dropped on and alongside dirt road, downslope to east end Prospect Avenue, might be focus of efforts to move young food-service mothers into 'duty' to grow/cultivate those among area wildlife movements.

Returning to Pleasant Street home by way of the Country Fair store on West Washington Street (and a trio of police cars meeting in the Grace Lutheran Church parking lot), broken brown beer-bottle glass was encountered on Center Street curbside close by the area's many family-with-children homes.

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