Friday, July 3, 2009

a very close look at the lawn

Among the unusual creatures found within this Martin County region include a type of small caterpillar/worm that embeds itself within the hollow stem of grass-seed sprouts -- and, yep, lawnworkers take note because the lifeless sprouts appear to be clippings from lawnmower leavings, with the appearance of tiny wheat sheaves only about 3/4 inch long.

The caterpillar/worms are black, and completely envelope themselves in the grass-seed-sheaf, undulating with their many legs in a locomotor way while maintaining an inner grip upon the protective bud tip (that reembles an asparagus tip, only dried/golden). They crawl over and around live grass blades and resemble tiny animated porcupines. They also crawl onto and up stucco walls, then affix themselves at the head area such that they appear to be grass chaff blown onto the walls; numbers of them congregate in this way but can be carefully plucked from the walls and tossed elsewhere. The creatures appear to be carrying a sort of camouflage that also to some degree protects them.

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