Saturday, July 4, 2009

a...celebration day?

School days history textbooks described how European settlers in North America decided that freedom from King George in England was a priority; it is now more than three centuries since colonists in the "New World" eschewed obediance to the Kings of England.

However, as shows us, the history book itself appears to influence descendent scenarios in the present-day time-frame. An entry titled 'Oil/gas driller's skull crushed' tells us that "An Ohio man...head caught in drilling Crawford County...37-year-old Kenneth Georg II of Brinkhaven...neck was broken. ..." How much of an accident can that be?

It was cloudy but clear in places in the night sky here in Martin County, FL, arguably a 'brink haven' -type place at the shores of the St. Lucie River, Indian River lagoon and Atlantic Ocean but the fireworks displays did not attract the same kind of attention this year as in years past although loud as ever and some (as ever) exploding quite uncomfortably close by Kcc.

There's no independence from intimidation tactics and ghastly quasi-accident scenarios.

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