Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday "day of rest" bummer

This past Sunday revealed the already-dead form of a small yellow frog lying on a wooden driveway-side beam here in Kcc; tiny red ants were swarming around the motionless amphibian to carry away bits and pieces such that the bare skull of the creature lie exposed.

Tuesday's Stuart News following showed a "Reader Snapshot' of a small yellow frog "discovered...on yellow Hummer H2...a ride...". Possibly, the "ride" or observation post on the Hummer (some models of which feature sudden-release aquatic -- or whatever -- propellers from the tires) was too traumatic an event for the creature. Now I must think back to other 'Reader Snapshots' and wonder whether they are always provided to give a photographic glimpse of a creature once living then recently dead.

As someone who has had reddish hair most of my life, although 'born black', it has been fairly obvious that some populations use memories of me to attract and then slay or otherwise kill deer that have similar reddish-brown color fur. It's a wonder whether the small yellow frog was used to attract other bigger frogs as some kind of directed "ride" purpose, and whether frog death is fallout from the capture of a yellowish boa 'tanked' within a regional household reported to have coiled upon the chest of a toddler who then died.

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