Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hot and clear afternoon

Today I 'captured' some pics of rusting metal-plate on cement electrical-pole located very nearby a recently-installed pizza business adjacent to the smaller plaza located beside Cedar Pointe Plaza on SE Ocean Boulevard here in Stuart, FL. I also picked up the glass pieces of a broken brown beer bottle on the sidewalk, partially in the roadway, at the boulevard crossing where traffic lights control car movements into/out from Vista Pines condo complex.

Further along the sidewalk north side SE Ocean Boulevard, a short length of traditional non-synthetic rope was removed from the bicycle lane across from Cedar Point Plaza bagel shop (a somewhat wicked discovery) and carried to a trash can in Ocean East Mall. Days ago, the hide of a somewhat generic animal form was found in the bicycle lane on the opposite site of the roadway about a crosswalk-length away from the St. Lucie River (too late for lasso?).

Yesterday's a website entry titled, 'Man charged with inducing panic at Cedar Point Amusement Park' described a PA man "...leaving a fake bomb under his car...".

After picking up some cherries and visiting the Blake Library's 'for-sale' shelves (they were hosting some kind of veteran's workshop), the return walk Kcc along KTR showed the usual medium-sized white wading birds. Water-flow in the slough was sluggish and the water was very warm; again the same wooden stick was used to retrieve a green PET soda bottle made extra-green with algae growing in and within it. All the discarded aluminum cans were gone from beneath the scrub brush where they had been lying +/- a year. Some fish could be seen, ranging in size from pinhead to +/- eight inches, throughout slough and pond. A flattened cardboard box inked 'Made in China' was removed from the sandy trail; both plastic bottle and cardboard were placed in Kcc recycling container.

Note: the Internet website shows a window that recommends online statements as a way to "reduce the risk of mail fraud with paper statements". Huh?

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