Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christmas in July

Years -- in fact, decades -- ago I had planned to attempt rental here in Stuart, FL, or elsewhere in Martin County so as to independently study the local hermit crab population. That intent, elicited during a telephone-call demand contact, has loaded the region with populations from my birthplace McKean County, PA (many perhaps expecting to rent their 'places' to me then onward to others). Every word I say continues to be used in business-schemes here in this Florida region, whether appropriate post-hurricanes or not.

While scanning the aisles at Ace Hardware near the U. S. Post Office located on Johnson Street, sturdy and colorful bags advertised some sort of 'fire ant' extermination remedy. Small red ants continually march into the premises here in Kcc, into the bedroom that I use and sometimes the kitchen as if I am their co-madre and a resort from the pesticide applications elsewhere.

A yellow plastic disposable lighter was discovered in the grass beside SE Ocean Boulevard not far from Kcc (i.e., Vista Pines again) -- a new one, no rust, with slightly different design than the usual BiC throwaways and bearing the image/logo 'Kangaroo' (made in Australia).

Sheaf bugs were seen to be arrayed around an opening in a concrete electrical-line pole, where clad wires were exposed to view because the metal plate covering the access-opening has rusted and one rusted screw is nowhere to be seen nearby. Using a water-sodden cigarette filter lying on the ground to prop the metal plate so that it again covered the opening was effective although the sheaf bugs are not prone to sudden change once an advantageous outlook is attained. There is little possibility of a "new use" of the cigarette filter as a wick to cause an explosion unless all the disposable lighters continuously discarded within close proximity are a warning about such possible "new use". The access-opening is located only a few feet above ground-level within the concrete electrical pole; an carefully-engineered explosion might sever the pole such that it falls onto the street or on business premises close-by in the way that a javelin does.

That a woman was found floating dead in a Boca Ration swimming pool earlier this week (West Palm Beach TV journalism) should appreciate my use of a small cool-tub pool purchased from Walgreens, but actually more horror has become evident.

The planks of a small, arched wooden bridge that spans a lily-pad pond within Cedra Pointe Plaza have become weakened primarily from rainstorm soakings, now bending as if they will split and break any moment beneath footsteps.

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