Tuesday, July 14, 2009

and what is this, pray tell?

Yesterday was another hot and sunny day here in Stuart, FL, with some overhead stormclouds in the distance but no rainfall here.

I decided to walk to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast Thirft shop located on U. S. 1 (Federal Highway) because they are conducting a special 'Christmas in July' sale through 7/21. There is almost nothing in the premises that indicates support for other species other than some paper signs and agenda postings; it has the usual thrift shop contents. I found two extremely colorful pink and blue cotton-knit shirts, together under $5.

After crossing the north side Federal Highway roadway to the south side intersection nearby Stuart Regency Mall, intersection with so-called Monterey Road extension, a small metal instrument/tool was observed on the extended-curb in the roadway (not far from Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silver's restaurants) that resembed a hand-sized poker (i.e., no sharp tip). Today the www.aol.com website gave local Stuart news story presented in a special home-page section that links with www.TCPalm.com website, titled "Martin deputies investigating early-morning stabbing in the Coquina Cove development' (Palm City, FL) where a "...man...felt a "bee sting" in his abdomen...no weapon was recovered near the scene...". There was no blood on the tool, but later in the day a liposuction segment was shown during regional television newscast.

Walking a few blocks more to Big Lots, where $30 printers were advertised in a newsprint insert with the Sunday Stuart News, the most accessible special-sale printer had its barcode/identification label torn off the box so that it could not be scanned at the checkout station. At the major intersection near the same shopping plaza, the pelt of a small black kitten lay in the crosswalk, only a day or two after a TV broadcast showed various feral cats captured and contained in the region, including a black housecat-sized feline caged.

During the walk towards U. S. 1 (Federal Highway) along Monterey Road, a shiny-metal combination lock lacking numbers/spaces was seen on an intersection sidewalk at the Dixie Highway. The return walk from the Federal Highway to Kcc is somewhat arduous, past the YMCA that encloses shady picnic areas, a swimming pool and grassy fields with a chain-link fence (and past the Witham Field airport and its low-flying aircraft as well).

Not being Jewish although a Jewish temple is nearby, I did manage to carry a boxed printer, a bag containing two shirts and two dinners (one free with a coupon from Boston Market) all the way to KTR without spilling anything other than dripping continuous sweat.

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