Friday, July 24, 2009

bare chests and Bradfords

o What do some UK island populations in Europe and Isthmus of Panama area nations in Central America have in common with Deep South USA inhabitants? Bare chests.

Are interactions among those a Godsend or continuous ongoing nightmare? That's a threesome at the very least.

o Abandoned PC desktop terminal rescued from thundercloud sprinkles today -- bagged in a white plastic trash bag and labeled, then carried to roofed barbecue zone, after a call to Salvation Army last night. Raindrops began when I walked outside to bag the electronic component, and ended when I re-entered the condo.

Resident lizard lifeless likeness/body lying on asphalt parking area, with small snail-shell at throat. Might be the same snail sharing shade beneath a lovely orange-flowered tree during cool-pool soak a few days ago; and same lizard pressed beneath condo lamplight night after night, year after year. Many lizard droppings beneath lamplight year after year as well; most recently, found in metal mailbox. Snail-shell resembles button or brooch...or something more medically gruesome.

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