Friday, October 31, 2008

sudden stoppage

o On a grassy plot beside St. Lucie Boulevard here in Stuart, FL, can be observed a partially-completed cement-block house-with-garage; this structure has been partially-completed for at least two years now, while workers were seen constructing and completing a similar house on the other side of the roadway nearest to the river.

An early-August issue of the Stuart News lists two construction-worker deaths in its 'Obituary' section, both males, one a cement-worker in his age-50s and the other a supervisor in his early age-20s -- both written up on the same page -- no small significance even without the rising single-block stacks of cement bricks that appear to be the inspiration for Lego-toy assemblages, located just around the corner from Kingswood condo complex.

Every day people wonder about the place, lacking walls with metal poles protruding from the cement-block arrangements that outline the beginning of a house; the garage is more fully built than the main house sections. People wondered a lot when workers were seen toiling away at the differently-placed structure nearby the waterstream, now fully finished with paint, landscaping, and gates. Irrationally, a 'gazebo' comes to mind since there are no walls only sturdy columns that suggest an open-air staging area of some kind.

Since many post-hurricanes cement-block houses have been ritually installed on the side of the road along the riverbank, days/weeks/possibly months can pass by without a clear view of the St. Lucie River now from Kingswood condos only a city block away from the narrow boulevard. The partially-contructed housing also suggests a potential picnic area, in a shoreline zone where open space has been quickly closed with new housing and access to the riverbank closed off as well.

Past and present telephone directories in the region listed 'Adams Construction' as a local company. The death of a young Fort Pierce man enlisted in the Armed Forces during the present-day Iraq conflict appears to be coincidental with the seemingly-abandoned project.

o The same time-period of early-August issues of the Stuart News gives us the story titled, 'Original builder to help tear down old Elliott Museum' authored by Geoff Oldfather. Apparently one of the original builders, in his early 80s and surnamed 'Hodapp', isn't taking the presumed suggestion as a joke and is being scheduled to "knock out that first brick". There is some cause for suspicion since some Martin County residents born in McKean County, PA, are familiar with a young woman who was prevailed upon to lay the first red brick of a new high school addition constructed with rounded walls somewhat resembling the rounded vats used in the local oil refinery.


Is your car an appliance?

Appliances customarily have one metal plate bearing license information; why should an automobile be categorized the same way? The possibility that in-car trash-compactors can be made a standard feature still should accord the licensing information as one-plate included with the appliance, not as a removal of one license plate from the front-end of a vehicle.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


o To whoever has the duct tape: the splash-guard on the damaged vehicle has not yet been secured here in the age-55+ Kingswood condominium complex, Martin County, Florida.

There is also the metal framework of a elder-transit bench to wrap as a temporary measure, since two hurricanes have caused rusting at the joints.

o During the moisture-laden atmosphere of Tropical Storm Fay, small frogs were observed to radiate from an aperture in a outside lamppost in the manner of an asterick, as an example of lesser-known theories about the invention of the wheel.

constellations AND aircraft

The astronomical layout was stellar in the skies over Kingswood condo complex last night here in Martin County, Florida, and the size of the stars seemed to matched the size of aircraft passing overhead -- all twinkling with light, with the categorical optical illusion of an aero-star moving purposely through the "firmament".

An automobile remained parked within the low-rise section of the condo-complex buildings, bearing the words 'CHICAGO' and "WHITE SOX' as the raised metal lettering on the rear license plate. NOTE: Those words 'CHICAGO' and 'WHITE SOX' are part of a metal license-plate holder that obstructs Florida state wording on a FL license plate bearing the illustration of a dolphin.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bonk! the busy teamsters that could

There are a lot of ways to move around in this world, and using CO2-friendly live-plant-life to propel oneself through the atmosphere is certainly one of them.

However, a combination of metal-vehicle traffic and busy teamsters flitting from one assignment to the next can bowl over even the most hardy pedestrian, while others must bend-and-sway to avoid perishing. Worse, those who have been chosen to participate in teamwork activities are often influenced to think about other people as "ordinary" (i.e., somewhat expendable or mal-adapted) and will only focus on other teamsters during their travels and all other activities.

One of the Palm Beach, Florida, television stations a few weeks ago showed a photo of a young man who [was] rushed into a tree-trunk, surrounded with other concerned young men. Various signs in the region shows evidence of past get-a-grip actions -- a rusting 15mph speed-limit sign bearing a visible handprint within a condo complex; a chunk grabbed out of 'Beware of Gator' sign posted near an office building and pond; the car described in a previous post missing its rear license plate; the topmost part of a PVC post broken off (also previously described) here in Martin County. Sadly, the teamsters are not always the best at what they do, but do demonstrate know-how; many use the Spanish language.

For the truly tired walker, one of the guys soaring past can be a flattening experience if not an outright slaying. While not genius, a demonstration of the ease at which a mind-bending 'Bonk' can be directed should be memorable.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


o Members of the United States Armed Forces (from some perspectives, arguably a European
colonial flag) have been engaged in maneuvers that involve sectarian Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq (a EurAsian nation). Not only should the U. S. instead be working with SUNY (State University of New York) to sound spectrograph and catalog all recorded-music spectrograph charts, there is some reason to believe that combat is engaged in Iraq rather than initiate a challenge to Sonny Bono's claim upon celebrity Cher's (she/her) personhood (reported accurately or not to be an actual "marriage" in the mass media).

There is also reason to believe that the U. S. legal profession is co-r-recting with Sonny, since 'Sonny' appears as the name of some restaurants in Florida. Members of SUNY may have been crushed during the Twin Towers collapse, and Sunnis are being killed in Iraq, but Sonny Bono remains intact as the entertainment industry has presented him.

Sects are religious belief-systems that include 'methodism' and 'presbyterianism'.

o It is probable that the harmful effects of constant aircraft activity in the United States are statistically available within some database -- i.e., the effects of constant 'jetting' upon regional flora -- but the everyday inclusion of Jetson two- or four-page color newsprint advertising found within each daily issue of the Stuart News has not been explained. 'Jetson' is an appliance store here in Martin County that daily advertises special prices on their appliances and electronics -- the ad section is useful to line the interiors of plastic plant-pots and the dampened inks add a touch of color to plant leaves as well. New, modern packaging methods for appliances and electronics are presumed to forestall the effects of humidity and bugs such that daily advertising should not be necessary.

Newspaper prices have risen during past decades, as have the number of advertising supplements included -- both newsprint and glossy -- and there is some wish to return to cheaper newspaper prices with a choice to opt out or omit such advertising fill from those subscriptions and invoices.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

fertility plans

The Stuart News dated 10/24/2008 has several interesting entries, among them:

o The front page presents the article titled 'Stuart wants to host 2011 'America in Bloom' event', "...named one of the nation's most beautiful cities...the 'Stuart In Bloom' group hope[s] to mount a campaign to host the AIB National Symposium and award ceremony in 2011. ..." In a southern Florida county where two hurricanes made landfall in the early 2000s, the choice of year 2011 is surely a hedge against some kind of immediate pseudo-civil-preparedness scheduling that would offend the sensibilities of those whose relatives died during the storms.

o When the 'Gutierrez' Presidency in Ecuador was politically-engineered from San Francisco, CA, peninsula environs a few years ago, an informal salon was arranged each Saturday night so as to safeguard the young Gutierrez family members and their friends/acquaintances. The Gutierrez name was numerous as listed in the SF telephone directory at that time, and after the Ecuadorian Presidential election a number of Gutierrez died horrible deaths and/or were charged with crimes in northern California. A map of Mexico had already been printed up with the 'G-name' hyphenated together with the town name 'Tuxtla'.

Demands were made upon the ersatz salon gatherings to "report" about their activities, thereby intensifying an atmosphere of surveillance and social pressure.

The front page of the Stuart News this week has also reported here in Florida a list of Gutierrez-associated names and photos of people lacking similar protective measures who were routed into the sex-trade, as stated in the article, perhaps as a use of the term 'salon' and who have been singled-out and charged with various prostitution counts in St. Lucie County.


Here in Kingswood condo complex, green strips have been threaded through the chain-link fence around the swimming pool(s), such that a clear view of swimmers and any distress or problems is not directly or immediately possible outside the enclosure.

Lights shine all night around the pools, making note-taking from local newspapers a breeze until the casual curiosity of others cracked the pool-deck concrete; during repairs, one lane of the adjacent shuffle-board court was simply covered over with the same compound used on the pool-deck. New rules were posted giving hours of pool use to be daylight hours from early morning until late evening darkness.

Although situated near the St. Lucie River one city block away, a nearby retaining pond and slough, plus the 'Indian River' lagoon across one bridge and the Atlantic Ocean further across another bridge, the condo complex lawns and bushes/trees are wetted down with frequent sprinkler use, said sprinkler system operated with applicable water-use fees. A tidy monetary sum is also alloted to landscape companies who perform constant clipping taskwork.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Housing and the Hirsute

Just how much ribbing should 'the hirsute' absorb before civil rights action becomes necessary?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

a banner period ends

This week's and also websites describe the life of a recently deceased 'Miss America 1954' (Saturday), whose parents were two German immigrants. Born "Evelyn Margaret Ay...Philadelphia native", she died at age 75, giving some credence to the possibility that German immigrants provided the language that was used to begin the bombing of London, England. The website in a past year included a post from 'Seattle Sue' who described how a shipment of grain bypassed starving Ireland on its way to the scales in England as historical United Kingdom gauchery in Europe.

Perhaps a different category of title selection yet with similar conflict results in the Americas has been the marriage of 'Cher' (who inspired multiple music albums, some released as album-theme 'Sonny and Cher') to Sonny Bono (reported to be much older than she who obviously enjoyed the ease of sing-a-longs).

a gusher

As reported to the website last night, about 2:00 a.m. one of a new row of sprinklers was seen to be dumping water on the hood of an elderly resident's car here in Kingswood Condo complex, in the manner of a drinking-fountain waterstream. That sprinkler was the only sprinkler operating nearby at that time.

The new row of sprinkers is installed at the edge of the parking section and also protrude within bushes growing at the edge of the parking spaces between those spaces and a condo-building walkway.

It was noisy yet could not be directly viewed from the boulevard when the local police made their nightly passes by the 55+ complexes here at the edge of the St. Lucie River.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

put a cork in it

Another high school football player has been shot in the region, so the Palm Beach TV stations and Stuart News tells us.

While such players, all ages, are not known to rush around and intentionally block pedestrians off the playing field there is however some tendency to exert the kind of pressure that causes a loosening of the bladders and stools of passersby or bystanders who are grieving.

Stuart, FL, survived the landfall of two hurricanes in past years, plus an influx of earthquake survivors from San Francisco, CA, in addition to all those who come into the St. Lucie Forks area seasonally without any direct catastrophic experience. Those wintering in Martin County from McKean County, PA, were also affected by some horrible deaths which occurred during the American Refining Group's centennial celebration concurrent with the scheduling of an Italian-American Festival and the renovation of the Route 219 bypass roadway in northwest PA.

Some of the "party-pooper" encounters have been videotaped as perhaps predictable occurrences, and even broadcast during public TV shows.

Monday, October 20, 2008

the 'trash compactor' as cultural phenomenon

The trash-compactor machines, as they are now offered within newsprint advertising, have been disputed and demanded during past decades until they are finally a reality.

The primary argument has been that they will assure safe and sanitary compaction of household trash, perhaps with a possible additional use of compacted trash in fireplaces. As envisioned, they now use gasoline as fuel, thereby placing them in the category of 'volcano-prevention' devices and so are topmost in the category of 'employment security'.

The devices resemble the chomping heads of polar bears, manatees or sharks (to name a few and provide regional sales focii) -- a plus in terms of the balance-of-nature where beasts can observe and agree at an organismic level with humans that machines are what should be compacting container discards.

As an historical reference, there is the concentration-camps period in Europe and California. In Europe, Hitler was the German dictator fielding demands to recruit and plant workers whether they knew/agreed or not that product-development participation was their raison d'etre.

The trash-compactor machines also can be said to represent the dead recruits who were banished when they would not participate to plan and build the devices; nor would those claim sales territories to market devices that did not yet exist. However, the 'whether underground' networking continued to operate using demands and exhortations, with the hope that some lucky entrepreneur might be granted license to replace the 'Collier' County name in southern Florida (said 'Collier' having published an erroneous atlas a century ago).

How and why did the French find themselves in Polynesia? The widespread cultivation of broccoli and artichokes--their vegetable physical appearance and the methods which appropriate them for the dinner table--provide some cause for suspicious speculation that the French too are an easily recruited population in America, planted in a variety of locales to provide a range of services and products with the cooperation of transportation czars.

Finally, an epoch-thought -- are females just a type of loser-males?

Are you happy, American Refining Group (ARG)? -- the trash-compactors are 'Made in the USA'.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

T time

One of the James Taylors is scheduled to perform in southern FL soon, and no doubt will be fielding insistent static about the condition of a small convenience store addressed on Tenth Street in Stuart whose large-lettered 'TAYLORS' sign is faded and store become ramshackle. The up-coming static is predictable because Tenth Street runs into Florida Street (via Bayou Street) -- not quite a state secret but rather a location for various former worker shacks that now house young residents.

The Taylors are well-reputed in historical literature as the people who put pearls on the ends of needles and pins. The store-status pantry has a club-like atmosphere, near the new Stuart United States Post Office some blocks away on Johnson Street near the Dixie Highway. A hike to the USPO from the St. Lucie Bridge area caused aching feet, but only because sturdy shoes are a better idea. Plus, the Stuart News had a day previous published more 'Wanted' photo headshots on a last page and of course anyone standing around afraid seemed to match the likeness of a suspected criminal.

For some people, it was definitely a day to go to a barber.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

From teeny weeny to...

o The July 27, 2008 issue of 'Real Estate Source', which is a newspaper supplement included with the Stuart News, provides a question of concern in the 'Condo Queries' column about condo-minium association bylaws in Boca Raton, FL, that exclude other family users in a 55+ condo community -- the bylaws "allow" other users "...stay in...unit for a maximum period of 30 days...".

Decades ago, the city of Boca Raton was the scenario for a by-mail contest that also offered teeny-weeny bikinis mail-order. The advertised swimsuits were low-cut in the front and necessitated a childlike, hairless belly-button/naval region or perpetual bikini-wax expenditures (or, at least timely shaving until the 'suit became a a threadbare relic). Those were followed by the 'string bikini' craze, which in general provides a garment that covers more of the front of the female groin than the buttocks area, and the West Coast 'thong' undergarments as well.

A new campus was eventually generated in Boca Raton, but the somewhat smutty origins of the higher education demands are not forgotten among current senior citizens, who want no pressure to hand out their genetic endowments casually or as a consequence of situational happenstance.

The RES letter writer-asserts that s/he wants to allow his/her child to use an inherited condo so as to attend school, but received "a nasty letter" from "an inflexible association".

o Moving right along to the 'Palm Beach Post', that newspaper prints up eye-opening information seven days a week, and also includes card-stock-quality pre-paid subscription postcards with most issues. One of today's front page articles is titled, 'Gang rivalries considered in school boundary moves', and perhaps the gang activity is directly linked with non-necessary uses of paper products within that region and others which rely urgently upon oxygen-bearing flora so nearby diverse and far-flung aquatic habitats.

Plus, the horoscope section makes indirect reference to past friends and acquaintances in the 'Scorpio' section, with continuing cause for alarm because the 'readings' should apply to all within the Oct. 24-Nov. 21 birthday bracket.

o Finally, the PBP 'Business' section provides 'Feds clear Wells Fargo-Wachovia deal'. A easily intimidated bank based in Charlotte, NC, Wachovia Bank was a potential candidate to engage in further workforce maneuvers to demand or negotiate 'employee owned and operated' status, but must now permit consideration of Wells Fargo's intent to acquire the financial institution, instead.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

the big blow

This month's 'Scientific American' magazine (October 2008) offers an 'Update' titled 'Bubble Fusion', which states "Water bubbles created by ultrasonic waves can collapse fast enough to generate a flash of light. ..."

The main purpose of this weblog is to document phenomena that may be linked with the effects of a different kind of bubble -- a bubble made from human mucous forged in the nose and nasal cavities of its maker. Such an artifact holds memory images of sometimes intense visual clarity, and a voice strip as well. The oracle-bead chronicle pre-dates modern microfiche and wax-cylinder voice-recordings.

During the fever of illness and intense emotional stress, mucous bubbles forth from the nose with different consistencies resulting from heating and cooling of the nasal 'beads'. One special bead can be forged to hold significant memories, such as the work of multiple epochs or the activities of evolving species. The oracle-bead can also hold memories of ancient catestrophes such as volcanoes; secreted images from brain-mass memory are preserved within the mucousal gel of the oracle-bead, together with the vocal rendition of the sound of a volcano erupting.

This is almost not believable to people who have never seen an oracle-bead chronicle or who never have mentally received historical content-imagery transmissions (mental telepathy) from a viewing of such an artifact.

See, Bradford, PA forum for more descriptions of the oracle-bead chronicle and its placement site.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Yesterday evening a large blimp was observed to motor southward over the Cedar Pointe condo complex, continuing its pass over the city of Stuart, FL, just before the sky darkened.

Today, a short shedded black snakeskin was observed on Kingswood Terrace Road, together with the usual shedded toadskins (usually one or more).

A small yellow and brown bird lay dead on a brick sidewalk in the Monterey Commons near the Blake Library and temple -- only the rump/tail feathers and shoulders were remaining, the head and midsection were gone. After a meal for a marauding beast or collection of vital parts suitable for bird-flu testing, the bird's bloody rump flush against the brick with tail feathers in the air vaguely resembled a wigwam shape. Ugh.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a proper usage

Last night purchase was made from Walgreens of a roll of duct tape, which was left on the neighbor's doorknob in Kingswood condo complex so that his vehicle's front splash guard can be repaired (and the wick-like piece of rope removed).

It's gone this afternoon from the doorknob, and we can only hope that the appropriate use will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


o More about earwigs -- they are usually found in abandoned cut wood, including firewood piles. A cedar tree-trunk that toppled onto one of the 'Kingswood' entrance signs here in Stuart was cut into lengths and yet lays in the brush nearby the sign and the transit bench on SE Ocean Boulevard.

o Stuart's Bell-South telephone-directory Yellow Pages dated 10/2006-07 lists no U. S. Post Offices within its contents. This year's directories list a USPO on Johnson Street, while the stabbing deaths of two young Johnson women (one pregnant) remain under investigation in the state of PA.