Thursday, October 23, 2008

a banner period ends

This week's and also websites describe the life of a recently deceased 'Miss America 1954' (Saturday), whose parents were two German immigrants. Born "Evelyn Margaret Ay...Philadelphia native", she died at age 75, giving some credence to the possibility that German immigrants provided the language that was used to begin the bombing of London, England. The website in a past year included a post from 'Seattle Sue' who described how a shipment of grain bypassed starving Ireland on its way to the scales in England as historical United Kingdom gauchery in Europe.

Perhaps a different category of title selection yet with similar conflict results in the Americas has been the marriage of 'Cher' (who inspired multiple music albums, some released as album-theme 'Sonny and Cher') to Sonny Bono (reported to be much older than she who obviously enjoyed the ease of sing-a-longs).

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