Saturday, October 4, 2008

the big blow

This month's 'Scientific American' magazine (October 2008) offers an 'Update' titled 'Bubble Fusion', which states "Water bubbles created by ultrasonic waves can collapse fast enough to generate a flash of light. ..."

The main purpose of this weblog is to document phenomena that may be linked with the effects of a different kind of bubble -- a bubble made from human mucous forged in the nose and nasal cavities of its maker. Such an artifact holds memory images of sometimes intense visual clarity, and a voice strip as well. The oracle-bead chronicle pre-dates modern microfiche and wax-cylinder voice-recordings.

During the fever of illness and intense emotional stress, mucous bubbles forth from the nose with different consistencies resulting from heating and cooling of the nasal 'beads'. One special bead can be forged to hold significant memories, such as the work of multiple epochs or the activities of evolving species. The oracle-bead can also hold memories of ancient catestrophes such as volcanoes; secreted images from brain-mass memory are preserved within the mucousal gel of the oracle-bead, together with the vocal rendition of the sound of a volcano erupting.

This is almost not believable to people who have never seen an oracle-bead chronicle or who never have mentally received historical content-imagery transmissions (mental telepathy) from a viewing of such an artifact.

See, Bradford, PA forum for more descriptions of the oracle-bead chronicle and its placement site.

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