Saturday, October 11, 2008

From teeny weeny to...

o The July 27, 2008 issue of 'Real Estate Source', which is a newspaper supplement included with the Stuart News, provides a question of concern in the 'Condo Queries' column about condo-minium association bylaws in Boca Raton, FL, that exclude other family users in a 55+ condo community -- the bylaws "allow" other users "...stay in...unit for a maximum period of 30 days...".

Decades ago, the city of Boca Raton was the scenario for a by-mail contest that also offered teeny-weeny bikinis mail-order. The advertised swimsuits were low-cut in the front and necessitated a childlike, hairless belly-button/naval region or perpetual bikini-wax expenditures (or, at least timely shaving until the 'suit became a a threadbare relic). Those were followed by the 'string bikini' craze, which in general provides a garment that covers more of the front of the female groin than the buttocks area, and the West Coast 'thong' undergarments as well.

A new campus was eventually generated in Boca Raton, but the somewhat smutty origins of the higher education demands are not forgotten among current senior citizens, who want no pressure to hand out their genetic endowments casually or as a consequence of situational happenstance.

The RES letter writer-asserts that s/he wants to allow his/her child to use an inherited condo so as to attend school, but received "a nasty letter" from "an inflexible association".

o Moving right along to the 'Palm Beach Post', that newspaper prints up eye-opening information seven days a week, and also includes card-stock-quality pre-paid subscription postcards with most issues. One of today's front page articles is titled, 'Gang rivalries considered in school boundary moves', and perhaps the gang activity is directly linked with non-necessary uses of paper products within that region and others which rely urgently upon oxygen-bearing flora so nearby diverse and far-flung aquatic habitats.

Plus, the horoscope section makes indirect reference to past friends and acquaintances in the 'Scorpio' section, with continuing cause for alarm because the 'readings' should apply to all within the Oct. 24-Nov. 21 birthday bracket.

o Finally, the PBP 'Business' section provides 'Feds clear Wells Fargo-Wachovia deal'. A easily intimidated bank based in Charlotte, NC, Wachovia Bank was a potential candidate to engage in further workforce maneuvers to demand or negotiate 'employee owned and operated' status, but must now permit consideration of Wells Fargo's intent to acquire the financial institution, instead.

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