Monday, October 20, 2008

the 'trash compactor' as cultural phenomenon

The trash-compactor machines, as they are now offered within newsprint advertising, have been disputed and demanded during past decades until they are finally a reality.

The primary argument has been that they will assure safe and sanitary compaction of household trash, perhaps with a possible additional use of compacted trash in fireplaces. As envisioned, they now use gasoline as fuel, thereby placing them in the category of 'volcano-prevention' devices and so are topmost in the category of 'employment security'.

The devices resemble the chomping heads of polar bears, manatees or sharks (to name a few and provide regional sales focii) -- a plus in terms of the balance-of-nature where beasts can observe and agree at an organismic level with humans that machines are what should be compacting container discards.

As an historical reference, there is the concentration-camps period in Europe and California. In Europe, Hitler was the German dictator fielding demands to recruit and plant workers whether they knew/agreed or not that product-development participation was their raison d'etre.

The trash-compactor machines also can be said to represent the dead recruits who were banished when they would not participate to plan and build the devices; nor would those claim sales territories to market devices that did not yet exist. However, the 'whether underground' networking continued to operate using demands and exhortations, with the hope that some lucky entrepreneur might be granted license to replace the 'Collier' County name in southern Florida (said 'Collier' having published an erroneous atlas a century ago).

How and why did the French find themselves in Polynesia? The widespread cultivation of broccoli and artichokes--their vegetable physical appearance and the methods which appropriate them for the dinner table--provide some cause for suspicious speculation that the French too are an easily recruited population in America, planted in a variety of locales to provide a range of services and products with the cooperation of transportation czars.

Finally, an epoch-thought -- are females just a type of loser-males?

Are you happy, American Refining Group (ARG)? -- the trash-compactors are 'Made in the USA'.

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