Monday, October 27, 2008

Bonk! the busy teamsters that could

There are a lot of ways to move around in this world, and using CO2-friendly live-plant-life to propel oneself through the atmosphere is certainly one of them.

However, a combination of metal-vehicle traffic and busy teamsters flitting from one assignment to the next can bowl over even the most hardy pedestrian, while others must bend-and-sway to avoid perishing. Worse, those who have been chosen to participate in teamwork activities are often influenced to think about other people as "ordinary" (i.e., somewhat expendable or mal-adapted) and will only focus on other teamsters during their travels and all other activities.

One of the Palm Beach, Florida, television stations a few weeks ago showed a photo of a young man who [was] rushed into a tree-trunk, surrounded with other concerned young men. Various signs in the region shows evidence of past get-a-grip actions -- a rusting 15mph speed-limit sign bearing a visible handprint within a condo complex; a chunk grabbed out of 'Beware of Gator' sign posted near an office building and pond; the car described in a previous post missing its rear license plate; the topmost part of a PVC post broken off (also previously described) here in Martin County. Sadly, the teamsters are not always the best at what they do, but do demonstrate know-how; many use the Spanish language.

For the truly tired walker, one of the guys soaring past can be a flattening experience if not an outright slaying. While not genius, a demonstration of the ease at which a mind-bending 'Bonk' can be directed should be memorable.

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