Saturday, October 25, 2008

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The Stuart News dated 10/24/2008 has several interesting entries, among them:

o The front page presents the article titled 'Stuart wants to host 2011 'America in Bloom' event', "...named one of the nation's most beautiful cities...the 'Stuart In Bloom' group hope[s] to mount a campaign to host the AIB National Symposium and award ceremony in 2011. ..." In a southern Florida county where two hurricanes made landfall in the early 2000s, the choice of year 2011 is surely a hedge against some kind of immediate pseudo-civil-preparedness scheduling that would offend the sensibilities of those whose relatives died during the storms.

o When the 'Gutierrez' Presidency in Ecuador was politically-engineered from San Francisco, CA, peninsula environs a few years ago, an informal salon was arranged each Saturday night so as to safeguard the young Gutierrez family members and their friends/acquaintances. The Gutierrez name was numerous as listed in the SF telephone directory at that time, and after the Ecuadorian Presidential election a number of Gutierrez died horrible deaths and/or were charged with crimes in northern California. A map of Mexico had already been printed up with the 'G-name' hyphenated together with the town name 'Tuxtla'.

Demands were made upon the ersatz salon gatherings to "report" about their activities, thereby intensifying an atmosphere of surveillance and social pressure.

The front page of the Stuart News this week has also reported here in Florida a list of Gutierrez-associated names and photos of people lacking similar protective measures who were routed into the sex-trade, as stated in the article, perhaps as a use of the term 'salon' and who have been singled-out and charged with various prostitution counts in St. Lucie County.


Here in Kingswood condo complex, green strips have been threaded through the chain-link fence around the swimming pool(s), such that a clear view of swimmers and any distress or problems is not directly or immediately possible outside the enclosure.

Lights shine all night around the pools, making note-taking from local newspapers a breeze until the casual curiosity of others cracked the pool-deck concrete; during repairs, one lane of the adjacent shuffle-board court was simply covered over with the same compound used on the pool-deck. New rules were posted giving hours of pool use to be daylight hours from early morning until late evening darkness.

Although situated near the St. Lucie River one city block away, a nearby retaining pond and slough, plus the 'Indian River' lagoon across one bridge and the Atlantic Ocean further across another bridge, the condo complex lawns and bushes/trees are wetted down with frequent sprinkler use, said sprinkler system operated with applicable water-use fees. A tidy monetary sum is also alloted to landscape companies who perform constant clipping taskwork.

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