Sunday, October 26, 2008


o Members of the United States Armed Forces (from some perspectives, arguably a European
colonial flag) have been engaged in maneuvers that involve sectarian Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq (a EurAsian nation). Not only should the U. S. instead be working with SUNY (State University of New York) to sound spectrograph and catalog all recorded-music spectrograph charts, there is some reason to believe that combat is engaged in Iraq rather than initiate a challenge to Sonny Bono's claim upon celebrity Cher's (she/her) personhood (reported accurately or not to be an actual "marriage" in the mass media).

There is also reason to believe that the U. S. legal profession is co-r-recting with Sonny, since 'Sonny' appears as the name of some restaurants in Florida. Members of SUNY may have been crushed during the Twin Towers collapse, and Sunnis are being killed in Iraq, but Sonny Bono remains intact as the entertainment industry has presented him.

Sects are religious belief-systems that include 'methodism' and 'presbyterianism'.

o It is probable that the harmful effects of constant aircraft activity in the United States are statistically available within some database -- i.e., the effects of constant 'jetting' upon regional flora -- but the everyday inclusion of Jetson two- or four-page color newsprint advertising found within each daily issue of the Stuart News has not been explained. 'Jetson' is an appliance store here in Martin County that daily advertises special prices on their appliances and electronics -- the ad section is useful to line the interiors of plastic plant-pots and the dampened inks add a touch of color to plant leaves as well. New, modern packaging methods for appliances and electronics are presumed to forestall the effects of humidity and bugs such that daily advertising should not be necessary.

Newspaper prices have risen during past decades, as have the number of advertising supplements included -- both newsprint and glossy -- and there is some wish to return to cheaper newspaper prices with a choice to opt out or omit such advertising fill from those subscriptions and invoices.

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