Tuesday, October 21, 2008

put a cork in it

Another high school football player has been shot in the region, so the Palm Beach TV stations and Stuart News tells us.

While such players, all ages, are not known to rush around and intentionally block pedestrians off the playing field there is however some tendency to exert the kind of pressure that causes a loosening of the bladders and stools of passersby or bystanders who are grieving.

Stuart, FL, survived the landfall of two hurricanes in past years, plus an influx of earthquake survivors from San Francisco, CA, in addition to all those who come into the St. Lucie Forks area seasonally without any direct catastrophic experience. Those wintering in Martin County from McKean County, PA, were also affected by some horrible deaths which occurred during the American Refining Group's centennial celebration concurrent with the scheduling of an Italian-American Festival and the renovation of the Route 219 bypass roadway in northwest PA.

Some of the "party-pooper" encounters have been videotaped as perhaps predictable occurrences, and even broadcast during public TV shows.

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