Saturday, October 18, 2008

T time

One of the James Taylors is scheduled to perform in southern FL soon, and no doubt will be fielding insistent static about the condition of a small convenience store addressed on Tenth Street in Stuart whose large-lettered 'TAYLORS' sign is faded and store become ramshackle. The up-coming static is predictable because Tenth Street runs into Florida Street (via Bayou Street) -- not quite a state secret but rather a location for various former worker shacks that now house young residents.

The Taylors are well-reputed in historical literature as the people who put pearls on the ends of needles and pins. The store-status pantry has a club-like atmosphere, near the new Stuart United States Post Office some blocks away on Johnson Street near the Dixie Highway. A hike to the USPO from the St. Lucie Bridge area caused aching feet, but only because sturdy shoes are a better idea. Plus, the Stuart News had a day previous published more 'Wanted' photo headshots on a last page and of course anyone standing around afraid seemed to match the likeness of a suspected criminal.

For some people, it was definitely a day to go to a barber.

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