Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birds in McKean Co PA

Dead bird removed from Barbour at N Center Streets near Tun'a Creek in Bradford PA; flattened bag of bread also removed from roadway and scattered in waterstream together with some little split green apples from a tree alongside Bank Street.
Above:  sidewalk remains, small bird alongside N Center St near State St in Bradford PA

Cigarette drops near gas stations Bfd PA

Lengthy cigarette drop corner N Center and W Wa Sts near Choice service station in Bradford PA
Below:  Streamside discards, Tun'a Creek at Barbour St bridge; cracked sidewalk Edna Ave at Williams St; corner N Center at Pleasant Sts

Saturday, July 30, 2011

1490 NewsBlog: PA Wilds Outdoor Map Now Available

1490 NewsBlog: PA Wilds Outdoor Map Now Available

Comment Preview, that may never be published elsewhere:

3 Obscure Stocks With Outsized Opportunity

3 Obscure Stocks With Outsized Opportunity

This Internet entry is dated March 2011; yesterday Erie PA TV news presented a film-clip showing a search for a missing youth found drowned in Lake Erie.

Received in my e-mailbox recently, from

Also, News lists a Bradford Era local news story that describes a local young man's plans to restore a duck pond very nearby Willow Dale Cemetery alongside West Washington Street in Bradford Township (PA).

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nighttime noise nw PA

Firecrackers at very close range, Pleasant St Bfd PA

distraction to dust

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what's happening now?

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How do you honestly feel about Amy Winehouse death - Topix

How do you honestly feel about Amy Winehouse death - Topix

Are 'truth-in-advertising' laws now just another rationale to harry performers until dead?

Transplanted a tomato plant from an in-house small container to a larger pot and set it outside this Pleasant Street home, such placement attracting some neighborhood attention as a result from the change  --  then read via Internet that A. W. has been cremated. 

altered archaeological site, artifact destruction possibilities

Monday, July 25, 2011

out and about to more yard/rummage sales

Saturday was a day to check out some yard/rummage sales, as listed/advertised in the local Bradford Era newspaper.  First stop was Church of the Ascension, where the congregation was enjoying a hot sunny day outside after an unusually cold winter, with rummage sale inside.  Also checked out yard sale corner Amm and Davis Sts, and scored two paperbacks at a total cost $ .50.

Below:  night-and-day light School Street Elementary School, Pleasant St view; shattered brown beer bottle at flood marker corner E Corydon and Congress Sts; cracked sidewalk n side Williams St; jumbled, crumbling brick stairway Williams St; crumbling brick wall Williams near Davis Sts.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why not -- the drainage grates of Bradford PA plus one in Custer City PA

Note:  The topmost image shows a round drainage grate in Custer City PA; among the roadway drainage grates shown in Bradford PA is included a sidewalk one directly flush with brick building premises.

Birds in McKean Co PA

Sleeping, comotose or newly dead sparrow bird on sidewalk N Center St in Bradford PA  --  also seen was small rodent curled in a fetal position, on Boylston St near Kennedy St and a Methodist church

o  Today's The Buffalo News is chock full with titillating articles:

The front page tells us that ''Chaos broke out everywhere'', datelined Oslo, Norway, "...on Utoya Island...after a gunman posing as their protector killed at least 85 campers at a youth retreat for Norway's ruling Labor Party...".  When School Street Elementary School was known as School Street Junior High School decades ago, there was a foreign exchange-student from Norway seated in my home-room; although I can't be sure he probably didn't hear the last of us when he returned to Europe following his stay here in Bradford PA, where business is a way-of-life.  Also, the front page presents 'Same-sex couples rush to say 'I do", datelined Niagara Falls NY, an article that doesn't quite describe celebration of commonality or differences which might cause a man and a woman to marry solely with the purpose to procreate him- and herself.

No truth-in-advertising testimony publicly presented from performer Amy Winehouse upon demand, instead page A6 gives a death scenario description.

Page A7 presents 'Driver's son, girlfriend of son killed in crash', datelined Schaghticoke NY, which describes a vehicular mishap that left a Schoonmaker girl dead  --  another negative consequence for the Schoonmakers after mentioning the possible name-use allusion (keyword 'schools') within an e-mail sent to the Archaeological Institute of America with regard to mucousal-artifact site in Degolia PA (now altered).

o  Finally, the Holy Bible presents the Book of Numbers 24 verses 15,16,17 and the Book of Psalms' many references to "the wicked" as literary allusions to the existence of mucousal-artifact oracle-beads and their effects  --  here in the City of Many Wicks Bradford Pennsylvania, where the 'wick/ed' teaches anything about flamemaking except misuse of human nosewax ("praise the Lord").

Above:  graffiti on building beside [sez Howard] street near Wa Wa St, seen from Choice service station premises.

Artifact 'perils', McKean Co PA

Has the same kid told to consider sand-mandala destruction also destroyed an oracle-bead artifact?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

caul - Wiktionary

caul - Wiktionary

'Calling-for' business telephone behavior may in some way be contributing to the incidence of limb-loss/amputation (e.g. a manifestation of the horrors of sociopolitical conflict).

The mucousal-artifact waxy/gel oracle-bead internal voicestrip holds a variety of vocalizations from its maker, including "calls' as described during telephone call-demand contact replies elicited from me.  Voicestrip content explanations sent to AIA using faxes/e-mails to that organization have occasioned unusual pressure upon the 'Rodriguez' family.  As well there has apparently been some confusion about my visual descriptions of the oracle-bead voicestrip, e.g., belief that mucous (or musilage) has been tooled in some way to make an artifact, including the possibility that an existing alphabet has been 'cauterized' into such substance.  The intensity of some vocalizations struck into the tiny mucousal-artifact substance can be said to be akin to burning (i.e. somewhat frictional not fictional).

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot summer temperatures Bradford PA

That's hot! BAPL Bfd PA

Below:  beer bottle beside Tun'a Creek, Kennedy Street, view1 looking southward and view2 looking eastward toward bridge construction-in-progress

July 21 2011 wax nosestrip

Above:  nosewax strip, following televised regional reports that describe body found in Allegheny River near Oil City Pa in Venango County.  See also 'Oil City' news, e.g., 'Police identify man found in river near Oil City' and others.

Continued -- Bennett Brook environs at W Washington Street in Bradford PA

Above:  past improvements to Bennett Brook waterstream management have deteriorated as a result from weather and waterstream flow, below Edward Street houses.

Last night presented a Nancy Grace segment, '911 Call Released in Baby Kate Disappearance', "...4-month-old "Baby Kate" Phillips...Mason County Michigan...".  Other items found in Bennett Brook waterstream two evenings ago include a yellow ring-type inflatable almost a foot in diameter, an empty square-type food container with lid, a dark-blue plastic cup, and various glass bottles among very small fish, spiders and other waterstream fauna and flora.

Photos below:  waterstream brick and stones, Bennett Brook at W Washington St bridge; wine bottle in Bennett Brook below W Washington St bridge; fallen/dumped shrubs between Bennett Brook walls below Edward Street; spider hanging from underside W Washington St bridge walkway over Bennett Brook near Edward St; and a blurred motion-swing pic of floating inflatable (perhaps designed to hold drink-cup).

Below:  disposable lighter in N Bennett St roadway corner School St, near BRMC and gasline digs (not shown).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bennett Brook W Wa St environs Bfd PA

Above:  Fatty foam, remains in bag, worms below Bennett Brook bridge W Wa St near Edward Street and under-bridge graffitti (shadowed, couldn't photograph with cameraphone), Bradford PA this evening

Above:  streambed brick and bottle, Bennett Brook below W Wa St bridge; and rusted metal flashing below closed-off bridge walkway same area.

Below:  three-foot-long rusting heavy metal thing in Bennett Brook near Edward Street, Bradford PA

Post-hurricanes Stuart FL

Party-time photo frame product distributed in post-hurricanes Stuart FL

I have been trying to present this entry during the past year, but there have been too many space constraints here in Pleasant Street home/back apartment.