Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birds in McKean Co PA

Sleeping, comotose or newly dead sparrow bird on sidewalk N Center St in Bradford PA  --  also seen was small rodent curled in a fetal position, on Boylston St near Kennedy St and a Methodist church

o  Today's The Buffalo News is chock full with titillating articles:

The front page tells us that ''Chaos broke out everywhere'', datelined Oslo, Norway, "...on Utoya Island...after a gunman posing as their protector killed at least 85 campers at a youth retreat for Norway's ruling Labor Party...".  When School Street Elementary School was known as School Street Junior High School decades ago, there was a foreign exchange-student from Norway seated in my home-room; although I can't be sure he probably didn't hear the last of us when he returned to Europe following his stay here in Bradford PA, where business is a way-of-life.  Also, the front page presents 'Same-sex couples rush to say 'I do", datelined Niagara Falls NY, an article that doesn't quite describe celebration of commonality or differences which might cause a man and a woman to marry solely with the purpose to procreate him- and herself.

No truth-in-advertising testimony publicly presented from performer Amy Winehouse upon demand, instead page A6 gives a death scenario description.

Page A7 presents 'Driver's son, girlfriend of son killed in crash', datelined Schaghticoke NY, which describes a vehicular mishap that left a Schoonmaker girl dead  --  another negative consequence for the Schoonmakers after mentioning the possible name-use allusion (keyword 'schools') within an e-mail sent to the Archaeological Institute of America with regard to mucousal-artifact site in Degolia PA (now altered).

o  Finally, the Holy Bible presents the Book of Numbers 24 verses 15,16,17 and the Book of Psalms' many references to "the wicked" as literary allusions to the existence of mucousal-artifact oracle-beads and their effects  --  here in the City of Many Wicks Bradford Pennsylvania, where the 'wick/ed' teaches anything about flamemaking except misuse of human nosewax ("praise the Lord").

Above:  graffiti on building beside [sez Howard] street near Wa Wa St, seen from Choice service station premises.

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