Sunday, July 10, 2011

etymology - Wiktionary

etymology - Wiktionary

Informal/secret/private study of the word 'hackneyed', originally pooled as demand-call reply with reference to various ways that a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle might be deliberately or ritually destroyed without formal archaeological survey, has occasioned the little-by-little death of a surname 'Hackemer' family member (both 'hacking' and 'hitting' also manual ways to break down trash in home trash containers). website also has presented 'News' entry titled 'Affordable fun at Darien Lake Theme Park from, at the 'Darien NY' location, dated June 23, 2011, which means the presence of the amputee-vet might have been a ploy to raise benefits for vets (but alas now he is horribly dead) .

Above:  styrene container-lid  --  not quite 'baby-over-a-bucket' but a line-drawing lacking panache anyway.

There is nothing automatically wrong about such line-drawings that, however,  may be suggestive to other people and species  --  but the fact that those result from telephone call-demand networking means that 'kickback' is always a possibility in terms of further demands after a product-line becomes real.

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