Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fabulous day

o  Today's Bradford Era includes a short article that pulls together plans to schedule a meeting of BHS Class of 1946.  The point of it all might be that the early days of Bradford High School, historically speaking, meant cushy padded yearbooks and a few large color-photography student photos per page, different from past decades where hundreds of small student photos were packed into such books, with resort to black-and-white images only.

o  A row of silos alongside Williams Street here in Bradford PA is the focus of some kind of renovation work, post flood (possible floodwater containers as well).  Business-address building addressed Bishop Street has been demolished that has had a concrete flood-marker standing in front; the lot is now used to park vehicles, the flood-marker stands alone.

o  Small house adjacent to other renovated small house, both smoke-/flame-damaged during multi-floor house burn-down corner School at N Center Streets, remains sooty/scorched while its neighbor now has additional new garage on razed School Street lot.
o Above:  view from Mechanic St bridge-railing, east side, streambed bottle in Tun'a Creek

o  Firecracker use at this immediate time appears to focus on the foraging habits of skunks, with possible intent to modify spray/odoriferous behavior (an extinction ploy?).

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