Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuna Creek sights Bfd PA

'Baby-over-bucket' line-drawing containers in Tuna Creek Bfd PA

The Bradford Era local newspaper dated 7/12/2011 p. 13 presents the column titled, 'To Your Good Health', "...Dear Dr. Donohue:  My husband has to go to the doctor at least three times a year to get his ears cleaned of wax.  He knows it's time to go when his hearing gets bad.  I know I could do this for him.  Please give me some directions on how to do it.  --  J. A.  ANSWER:  ...Ordinarily the ear cleans itself.  It has a conveyer-belt mechanism that keeps emptying wax out of the ear.  Some people produce excessive quantities of wax, while others have a defective conveyer-belt.  ..."

 No mention at all about the production of wax as a precursor to the making of an oracle-bead chronicle that stores memories within mucousal wax/gel forged in the nose and nasal cavities.

[If a person is pushed into a corner, is s/he automatically a dunce?]

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