Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garage sale hikes, fer nothing

o  Decided to walk five miles out of Bradford city in PA to Sawyer United Methodist Church addressed S Kendall Ave, because the usually accurate Bradford Era listed a garage sale scheduled there (so it seems); began walk before 9:00 a.m. so as make the time-frame but no one was there, nor any official sale sign, parking-lot empty, although the inside church-lights were on the building was locked.  The walk was beneficial though, a different perspective moving south from E Main Street to the Corwins Corners area, where the roadway continues to Minard Run Road near Degolia PA as an extra-long walk not attempted today; views toward Degolia could be photographed.  The weather was hot from the sun but cool from the ground-level vegetation.
Above:  yard, Sawyer Methodist Church at Looker Mountain Trail intersection with S Kendall Ave, sudden roadway roll-over.

During direct return walk turned in at Lafferty Hollow Road to have a look at a garage sale scheduled there; one extreme-longhouse address was partially burned not far from a fire hydrant with extensive rust (see photo below).  A variety of item drops were seen alongside S Kendall Ave, including carcasses, a cemetery, and personal items such as a hat, gloves, a blue towel, etc. .  A variety of colorful flowers also lines the roadway, some extending onto berm area.  Glass liquor bottles were removed from various positions alongside the road, not many.  The area is moderately populated.  Below:  beer bottle with gelatinous lumps, removed from roadside ditch among pollywogs and freshwater snails.

Above:  ticking meter-box beside S Kendall Ave, below right-of-way across the roadway
o  Stopped in at one of the Togi's restaurant premises addressed E Main Street during return to Pleasant Street via Mill St and Jackson Ave, where hoagies are made as a type of small submarine sandwich.

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