Friday, July 22, 2011

Continued -- Bennett Brook environs at W Washington Street in Bradford PA

Above:  past improvements to Bennett Brook waterstream management have deteriorated as a result from weather and waterstream flow, below Edward Street houses.

Last night presented a Nancy Grace segment, '911 Call Released in Baby Kate Disappearance', "...4-month-old "Baby Kate" Phillips...Mason County Michigan...".  Other items found in Bennett Brook waterstream two evenings ago include a yellow ring-type inflatable almost a foot in diameter, an empty square-type food container with lid, a dark-blue plastic cup, and various glass bottles among very small fish, spiders and other waterstream fauna and flora.

Photos below:  waterstream brick and stones, Bennett Brook at W Washington St bridge; wine bottle in Bennett Brook below W Washington St bridge; fallen/dumped shrubs between Bennett Brook walls below Edward Street; spider hanging from underside W Washington St bridge walkway over Bennett Brook near Edward St; and a blurred motion-swing pic of floating inflatable (perhaps designed to hold drink-cup).

Below:  disposable lighter in N Bennett St roadway corner School St, near BRMC and gasline digs (not shown).

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