Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ok guys what now

o  The local Bradford Era newspaper dated 7/1/2011 presents a tidy little article titled, 'Deadline approaching to reserve seating for reunion July 16', "...BAHS class of 1969...celebration...July 23...cost... ".  Yep that's right, the BAHS Class of 1969, whose extracurricular basketball team-members were uniquely supported by younger team members and spectators linked with 'special' mucousal-artifact oracle-bead memory-images (mostly 100+-year-old baby palm-tree images mentally circulating in church and school).  The resulting past District Nine Basketball Championship decades ago was a glorious victory until revelers descended upon Kane PA to celebrate their good fortune.

That this get-together is scheduled during BAHS Class of 1971 reunion planning period is probably not coincidental.

o  Removed a TOPS shopping cart from a dirt-and-stone lot below Bank Street at N Center St, that formerly held a large older-era brick building until demolition, and returned cart to Main Street supermarket.  Speaking of bricks, an older-era red-brick porch in front of a home addressed W Wa St near ISP intersection (near the Marsh tavern) is slumping noticeably and losing its grip as constructed, while roadway traffic now includes hefty SUVs, monster trucks and other traffic tonnages moving past UPB campus miles westward.

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