Sunday, July 18, 2010

what a sashay shows here in Bradford, Pennsylvania

It's not easy to see in the photo, nor from the overlooking Davis Street bridge, but lying submerged in the Tun'a Creekbed water is a metal signpost that was first seen slightly westward (the other side of the bridge) after a rainstorm that occurred years ago.  The lettered metal sign might yet be buried in the muck beneath the bridge.

While making photos after that years-ago rainstorm, using a pistol-type digital camera/camcorder, a resident emerged from a small creekside house in grasping mode, as if to take the camera if not just the memory-card. A number of trees had fallen in the area during that storm, some across the creek between Kennedy Street and Davis Street.  Not wanting to flip or be flipped as the man prepared an approach, I walked away.

This past week again one signpart became visible lying straight-arrow in the creekbed, and years after the first near-confrontation on Miller Street a resident again emerged from the same address after I used a cameraphone to record above image and others, while three pug-like dogs also emerged and circled around me until I moved into the street to walk freely.

An entry/exit ramp extends to the waterstream not far from the bridge  --  but the signpole yet lies in the water anyway.  A store stocking aquasocks/shoes is addressed in 'Union Square'.  Apparently, service-personnel residing nearby have not ordered sign recovery.

Child-size overalls lay beside Tun'a Creek in the same location, not far from the Goodwill store in Bradford Plaza.

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