Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hot but not blistering

o  Yesterday was an unusual one in the life of the hometown neighborhood, as continued venture into the old barn-become-garage revealed a shopping-bag-size pile of dry, hard critter feces to be swept and removed.  The neighbors had been trying to protest the conditions in the upstairs garage area but it was fairly obvious that creatures with full guts have been 'guided' into the until-recently-overloaded storage space.  The feces has been 'disappeared' without military report forthcoming.  A flower lay on the steps to the upper floor without explanation, and my potato plants in containers have been dug up and are gone.  (Very) small hornets nests obviously could not protect infant hornets in the garage's atmosphere, and apparently were abandoned awhile ago.
A stolen flower is listed with 'Variety of police calls, Sunday, Monday' at website www.1490newsblog.blogspot.com.

Neighbors prefer to use lawn-mower and weed-whacker noise as sleep interference tactics when garage areas seem to be infested with small wildlife, but some of us weren't born yesterday. It is generally-accepted non-theory that no or poor work results when sleep interference affects physiological function.

o  Today against my better judgment a hike was initiated and completed to the Bolivar Drive area at the NY/PA state line, beginning alongside East Main Street where a very small toddler-size new-appearance roller-skate shoe was seen lying in the roadway directly beside the curb nearby some trash containers, and a classic afro-pick, modified, also seen lying in the roadway not far from Kendall Avenue.  Walking around an East Main Street curve here in Bradford PA, moving northward, a financial-institution sign-display showed 98 degrees F in the sunshine!  One shoe came unglued as we two approached the Bolivar Drive multiple-plaza area, and  later I walked away with a new pair of white Danskin (R) shoes (consulted Internet website first)(?).

One two-plaza area showed a handful of small honey-colored moths being decimated on and along a covered  walkway while others clung to building walls and walkway support-columns (freshened with water-bottle drops).  A small frog-form lay dried-up and supine on a walkway near newly-poured black asphalt.  A small and bloody mammal-pelt was removed from the Bolivar Drive roadway underneath a traffic-flow overpass being deconstructed not far from Limestone NY environs, that in the past spanned the northern section of Tun'a Creek.

During return walk along Seaward Avenue toward Jackson Avenue, the local oil/gas refinery was seen to have a flaming torchlike pipe burning discharge in the hot nearly 100-degree atmosphere  --  scary.

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