Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a hike from the Tun'a Valley floor

Yesterday, a trail/dirt-road hike was initiated from 'the Armory' building between Tibbits Avenue and Corydon Street on South Avenue, just a block-length from the downtown Bradford PA area.  A former street, in the past lined with red brick, is now a stony uphill walk alongside the backyards of houses addressed on West Corydon Street where such unusual sights as a large knife stuck into a tree-trunk and almost completely rusted metal-coiled-springs seating were observed not far from South Avenue retaining wall.  Sunbeams are visible in the cameraphone photograph.

Waters from rainstorms, snowmelt and springs have deposited a large number of medium-sized stones on that trail, which continues along the mountainside to merge with a number of other dirt roads, where aging oil-industry equipment can be seen along with various discards, some viaduct-type tubes, campfire remains, not-so-old tires, posies, berries, fallen trees and animal tracks.  The trail and roads are shady, and coolly moist after recent rainfall.

One dirt road was traversed that extended from the West Corydon hillside area to wooded areas above South Avenue, with exit/entry gate at Maplewood Avenue where a sign is posted 'Warning:  no winter maintenance' near intersection with South Avenue.  No clear views toward Degolia were apparent, since that perspective includes mountaintop forestlands and private properties.  Blasting-cap remains were apparent in dirt roadway above private properties while moving into the South Avenue hillside zone.  Tree-fall shown. Garment lying alongside dirt road and algae also shown.

Axhead-shaped stone in roadway, near house with porch-window installation commonly seen with condominiums in Florida.  Flashback:  lone first-floor condo in Kingswood condo complex, Stuart FL, lacking common porch-window installation post-hurricanes near popped-palm location and Evans Crary Sr Bridge over the St. Lucie River.

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