Thursday, July 29, 2010

a short walk northward

Yesterday evening, following days of rainshowers that cleared the atmosphere, a dinnertime walk was initiated from Pleasant Street through Bradford city Callahan Park to Boss Avenue, then northward alongside Sullivan Road to its merger with Interstate Parkway.  During the return walk southward alongside Interstate Parkway, one of the 'Emerald Ash Borer' purple traps was encountered alongside the roadway, covered with the dark-green insects stuck to the sides of the trap.  Scattered raindrops began falling during the walk alongside Sullivan Road and thunder rumbled at a distance with far lightning flashes seen, but the storm did not reach the western Bradford area until safe return through city park to Pleasant Street home.

Very loud and crashing thunderslaps with rain downpouring subsequently occurred during late evening and nighttime.  The atmosphere is already controlled to a certain extent because there is an oil refinery operation addressed within Bradford city limits, with regard to waterstream reverse-polarity movement in the region along the mountainsides.

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