Friday, July 16, 2010

there's something about Corydon Street...

A short time after this cigarette was photographed on the sidewalk in front of St. Bernard's Church in Bradford, PA, a fire was reported within the nearby TOPS Market in a variety of local media.  The fire is believed to be arson that burned some Mylar balloons.  It is worth noting that Corydon Street where the church is addressed, jogs memories of the town of Corydon PA which decades ago was well-known for its sweet corn harvest  --  until the Kinzua Dam was built and the entire river valley was 'permanently' flooded under tons of river water (said to be a flood-control project).

A past photo of a different lengthy cigarette seen in a public ashcan placed outside Parkview Market addressed West Washington Street was followed with that market's closure, such that neighberhood customers must use other markets in the Bradford area.

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