Friday, July 23, 2010

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The restored Option Hotel is addressed beside Main Street at Congress Street in Bradford Pennsylvania, and has a direct view southward toward Degolia PA roadside-rest archaeological site.  Other buildings in the Bradford area also demonstrate a cultural perspective toward the Degolia artifact site.

Route 219 bypass work has continued at the roadway on-ramp shown here at Elm Street and the southernmost end of Davis Street within Bradford city limits, just past TOPS Market.  The Route 219 bypass project has continuously funneled asphalt dust onto the archaeological-artifact site in Degolia PA, rather than bypass artifact-site during archaeologists' investigation (that should have been initiated and completed in the 1970s).

Other images show close-up view of actual mucousal-artifact location, once solely a limestone roadside-rest location with artifact oracle-bead chronicle visible between base and ground; and view of Degolia PA cemetery  installation looking southward toward junction of South Avenue and Minard Run Road where limestone roadside-rest was solely located decades ago nearby waterstream.

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