Friday, July 23, 2010

other buildings with cultural significance to oracle-bead archaeological site

Entry way to triangular-shaped brick Tuna Valley Graphics building, addressed Mechanic Street in Bradford PA, directly faces Degolia PA oracle-bead site at a distance.

The First Presbyterian Church front doors directly open to congregations moving southward on Chambers Street, such that from some perspectives it blocks and contains 'traffic' which aims toward the oracle-bead site in Degolia PA.

A feed-store, historically located near Elm Street in Bradford city Tuna Valley-floor environs, has addressed and remedied other-species linkages and effects.

The Carnegie Library (formerly public) addressed Congress Street one block from the Option House Hotel, across the street from a flood marker, alludes to the egg-like appearance of the Degolia oracle-bead chronicle.

Hollenbeck-Cahill Funeral Chapel is addressed at the corner of South Avenue and Corydon Streets, and also alludes to oracle-bead content imagery of Northern California as preserved within waxy/gel bead composition.  Sehmans Tire Center also alludes to a particular belief about the oracle-bead artifact (the possibility that it is a drop of stray semen); note Watts-like window outages.

A wall that in the past did support a mountainside row of homes (above former street reverted to stony trail) within Bradford city environs is located beside South Avenue across from a brick building embellished with a star-pattern (in the past known as 'the Armory'), moving southward uphill toward Degolia from South Ave/Corydon Street intersection.

A stretch of South Avenue, moving on foot along mountainside towards South Bradford and further to Degolia PA, extends past Lewie's Lounge (not shown).

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