Friday, April 30, 2010

the world's most knowledgeable wildlife

Not way far from South Avenue, that extends past the artifact oracle-bead chronicle archaeological site in Degolia PA, is Niles Hollow Road that intersects with West Corydon Street in Bradford Township PA.  Why 'Niles Hollow'?  the question is apropos but the tiny waxy artifact oracle-bead usually is only a subconscious reference when ruminating about the origin of street-sign names.

The Degolia oracle-bead chronicle contains a strand of past-historical memory-images and a voice-strip; visible within that coil of content-imagery is numbered discrete views of Ancient Egypt!  See trompe d'oeuil roadside fallen tree-wood arrangement not far from Niles Hollow Road which extends above Bradford and Degolia through forestlands to Marshburg PA.  Most years summertime also means 'spring peeper' egg-hatching in vernal pools that resemble large puddles, and  populations of toads which move onto Niles Hollow Road warm asphalt during rainshowers.  Voracious salamander populations, color-markings transformed by their environmental encounters, trudge through area woodlands and soak in regional waterstreams.

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