Friday, April 23, 2010

"Snap this" Tun'a Creek discards

Flood-control walls line Bradford PA's Tun'a Creek that flows northward alongside a mountain range, making it an unusual sight among all other creeks and moving waterstreams that flow southward  --  most flowing into an ocean, but from this region into the Mississippi River system.

Much creekbed debris appears to be deliberate, intended to address wildlife movements through the Tun'a Valley.  Barely visible in the creek's water flow are:   a whitish doughnut-type recreational disc nearby the Mechanic Street bridge (middle image), of the type seen during recent TV segment which showed underwater footage of a swimmer elsewhere placing a Frisbee-type disc around the neck of a shark; and from the East Washington Street bridge, broken-down metal shopping carts that roll down creekside concrete inclines into water that flows uphill northward while carts roll downhill, and a wooden chair flattened on the creek bottom.

The yellow tint is sunshine reflected from creek waters.

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