Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this then that

This little street in Bradford PA in the past (before UPB) had  Employment Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation offices signposted.  However, the FBI office was used only after problems escalated and became real incidents; most of the time it was locked and dusty, lacking personnel to make it a prevention-oriented place.  In recent past years the short street was signposted 'private drive'; decades ago the FBI office parking lot in Kenmore, NY, was also posted as 'private' just outside Buffalo with demonstrable public parking-space gridlock possible to discourage agent consultation.  With some reason I have flashed-back to an Internet story describing the theft of a cemetery gate in the United Kingdom during past years; this week's journalism includes press release describing UK's young Prince William as next King there.

o  'George's Barber Shop' is yet addressed as located at the back parking lot of the Holly Hotel, beside the Riddle House premises, for those who remember the story describing an oil-rig worker 'capped' and killed during equipment use.  Perhaps Pulitzer Prize aspirations and exhortations contributed to the death of a young pregnant woman recently at Riddle House premises.

o San Francisco, CA, newswire describes Sunday incident 'Man who saved teen from drowning at Ocean Beach discusses rescue', followed with 'Dead whale floating in San Francisco Bay' (from CBS5).

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