Thursday, April 22, 2010

awaiting return

What does this public telephone tell us, tilted toward the sidewalk along Mechanic Street at the Country Fair store-and-gas-pumps along West Washington Street?

Not a longtime ago, FL journalism reported the discovery of a dead baby found in a suitcase within a city storage facility unit.  Speculation that the mummified baby might be the missing 'Lindberg Baby' has not been public.  Throughout this Bradford, PA, city location various unusual settings indicate that the wait for the return of the Lindberg Baby, who would now be full-grown, is being signaled with public-works episodes.  Both Lindstrom and Berg families reside in the region, some nearby a cluster of pizza restaurants (a sort of 'devil's triangle') addressed along West Washington Street not far from UPB (University of Pittsburgh at Bradford) campus.

A rare mucousal-bead waxy artifact found decades ago in Degolia, PA, beneath a limestone roadside-rest structure resembles a bit of fat or suet tucked away between base and ground.  Among populations residing in and around that McKean County PA locale are those who occasionally attempt to send out a janitorial type to dissolve the artifact with chemicals, causing some level of hysteria about possible consequences.  The oracle-bead is a tiny waxlike chronicle of human events that shows lifelike memory-images coiled in a strand within the spheroid bead, which should be formally investigated and contained among archaeologists.

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