Saturday, April 3, 2010

woken from a sound and necessary sleep...

A VERY smoky fire is happening now this morning (about 11:00 a. m.) as seen from the back ap't window-like sliding-glass door here on Pleasant St.  --  smoke is rising and expanding high into the atmosphere from some property southward, from the direction of North Center Street and School Street.  Videoed the smoke with small pistol-type camcorder, holding heavy-duty AAA alkaline batteries.

Later:  after walk to Davis Street to pick up some Easter candy at CVS, return walk uphill (northward) on Center Street showed smoke still rising from the structure on the south side of School Street until almost 4:00 p.m..  The front of the house showed flames yet consuming the top floor of the structure with a significant amount of smoke continuing.  A fire truck returned to the property during late afternoon cameraphone photo.  Young men had been raking and trying to clear debris from the hot structure as neighbors watched from porches or behind windows. The corner-lot structure formerly held 'Chitester's' convenience store on the bottom floor in the early 1960s, and the proprietors sold penny candy such as coconut watermelon-colored-and-shaped slices.  Police cars continued to patrol the area.  Directly across North Center Street, two different snuff-brand can parts lay near the sidewalk corner.  School Street Elementary School is located directly across School Street (a brick structure).

At close range as pedestrian, the fire resembled one encountered on a corner of Bates Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA, in the mid-1970s  --  another top-floor fire burning from the roof area downward.  The Pittsburgh Fire Department was very professional, saving both live kitten and boa constrictor contained in glass tank, placed beneath a tarp in second-floor charred apartment (a large house converted to apartment-house).

Round about April Fool's Day (April 1), a 'Williams' lettered street-sign in the Bradford city area was changed suddenly to 'Willaims'.

[Oh yeah, and during the past week 'The House of Marrakesh' is listed on the home page of this website with heading 'Blogs of Note'.]

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