Saturday, August 1, 2009

pending class action regarding MetLife - Topix

pending class action regarding MetLife - Topix

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As a resident of San Francisco, CA, continuous reply demand-calls received from a business-domain influence-network elicited my personal plan to query different insurance companies other than the Metropolitan Life Insurance operation already contracted. I could never do that, because public-school classroom association with the Knott family in Bradford, PA (yes Virginia, there is a University of Bradford located in UK, Europe) was used to initiated a "demutalization" action within MetLife beginning in the state of California.

The best I could do as a northern California peninsula resident, distracted with repeated information demands, was to sign up and accept insurance from a mail-order company already altered as a result from the influence-network operation (Globe Life Insurance, located in the midwest U. S.).

That the renaming of some public schools to be 'middle' means also a continuous undermining of the entire nation's business community, apparent as seen within day-to-day journalism at this time. That the international-treaty violation Kinzua Dam was a project of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers [not possible without the Navy's help, however] means that inland companies using Army military proxies can expect more shake-ups from international Navy proponents -- unless newly-articulated 'lobby laws' are applied.

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