Monday, August 17, 2009

more tallies of the bizarre and mundane

Sometimes when I enter information here at, the screen reacts in the manner of an arcade when I then click 'Sign out' -- always a bunch of tabs containing the same two words, 'connect...' and 'blank...' that pop up continuously without any sign whatsoever that the sequencing will stop. I actually must turn off the entire PC desktop machine.

o No mention whatsoever that giant foreign pythons may have been lurking nearby when teen males grouped together instead found one of their members shot, including one highly publicized death in Okeechobee County, FL.

o August 8 - 9, 2009: Berry-covered branch hand-carried to Eagle's Nest minipark (this is the second time mini is used to describe the park for all the Internet to see) found returned to grassy area near damaged tree and also near Martin County Administrative Center offices -- perhaps a how dare I category of human behavior that demonstrates askance about branch transfer to federal domain. Pieces of broken heavy metal (of the sort found as clips used beneath some automotive vehicles) were also found in the bike lane.

Cherry seeds have been chucked into a small burrow beside the retention pond at the end of KTR, causing a visible movement of some secreted creature already alert so near the 'gator hunting season soon to begin. Fish ranging in size from tiny to small to bigger-than-six-inches appeared in the water at the dam near the spillway to receive an apple core around which they arrayed to nibble. The area was very noisy with large loud beetle static from their exoskeletal bodily vibration; if found lying on the ground, a beetle will immediately vibrate noisily when handled.

New tar applied to the Kcc driveways has dried, and only one dinner-plate-sized hole has remained unfilled/uncovered in the lover's lane section of the inner driveways, near Ocean Palms Retirement center.

As an optical illusion, a tall blue heron seemed to appear at one end of the retention pond, as a shade carried by a smaller white bird which then flew away toward the river. Other such optical illusions I have seen include the illusion of a black bear which was seen as a shade carried by a smaller CA 'tuxedo'/panda-type cat roaming around in northwest Pennsylvania. Most recently, a lizard has been seen carrying the shade of a larger yet still-small raccoon near the retention pond. The optical illusions occur when two creatures sojourn together for some length of time and carry the bodily images of each other that suddenly appear as optical illusions in certain atmospheric settings.

A black housefly-sized insect repeatedly stunned me with its mouthparts, necessitating a slap to the ground, as if some other 'creature' was controlling it and using it as an extended viewfinder. Three cactus pads were seen abandoned on cement groundcover that holds trash containers in one phase/section of Kcc that leads to KTR. Fishing line often observed beside pond was removed and pocketed with now-rusting metal hook, placed in a plastic sandwich bag, and cavalierly tossed into a recycling bin.

A mourning dove has been sitting on an electrical wire from day-to-day, awaiting the end of their annual so-called 'harvest'; however, many people do not feed wild birds so as to eat them. Be forewarned, they are given food so they can escape harm. More new tar on the Kcc roadways leaves one lane open; blind directional/motivational footsteps in the new tar are not recommended.

Alongside SE Ocean Boulevard, 'drops' of Capri-Sun pouches plus one heavy-metal envelope-type 'sleeve' have been observed nearby the Chevron station; one shiny metallic pouch and the sleeve were removed from the Vista Pines grassy sidewalk area and the Holy Redeemer Church area and carried away from Chevron across the entry/exitway street that leads into Ocean East Mall and those were set nearby a traffic-signal pole at that intersection.

o August 10-11: Another different Capri-Sun pouch is seen in the grass beside the Vista Pine hedges along Se Ocean Boulevard; the previously removed metallic pouch and heavy-metal sleeve are gone from the corner across the street from the Chevron station at the boundary of Ocean East Mall. And, "they're back", the small white pick-up truck carrying containers bearing the 'baby-over-a-bucket' line drawings have returned to the same Kcc poolside parking space previously occupied near SE Ocean Boulevard entry/exitway.

Some discarded paper napkins were gathered up and removed from dry grass/leaves and newly-tarred roadway at the boundary with Ocean Palms, where the same hole remains open in the westward traffic lane, showing dusty sand -- perhaps a sort of localized speed-bump at the curve where the roadway becomes parallel with the retirement complex parking lot. 'Sport staff' in the form of cross-complex carters sometimes include multi-hundred-pounders (and their diets). My avocado plant placed outside is branching already near clipper-trimmed condo-side foliage.

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