Thursday, August 6, 2009

More morning and early afternoon thunderstorms...

...following a SUV smash into heavy-equipment vehicle during very early-morning roadwork (three male teens dead).

Yesterday while walking to various stores in northeast Stuart, FL, shopping plazas/mall, a number of screws and other small metal items, a metal clasp, a rusted clothes hanger, and a small black snakeskin with light-colored ring around its neck area as well as a dragonfly exoskeleton were found and removed from the southside SE Ocean Boulevard bike lane.

After return to Kcc, a loud bumping noise was heard from one of the complex roofs outside; a small pickup truck was parked near the swimming pool nearest the SE Ocean entry/exitway that had a small trailer carrying more containers bearing 'baby-over-a-bucket' line drawings.

Today a similar walk to pick up some $.09 coupon-offer folders at Walgreens revealed the +/-six-inch carcass of the previously-mentioned lizard moved somehow to the sidewalk at KTR and SE Monterey Commons, covered with small red ants carrying bits and pieces away, the creature's skull and other bones with some skin remnants scattered on the concrete until removed to the grass.

More weed-wacking of the cactus-pad plants was evident at the terminus of KTR -- the pads once growing as new sprouts from a handful of pads that had dropped from a large cacti growing within the Kcc private-property grounds and then carried to terminus. Among populations who use cacti as food, the destruction of the thornless sprouts is just senseless.

Three glass beer bottles were observed as scattered beneath bushes beside clearing that adjoins sandy trail extending to/from KTR terminus -- the same place where aluminum cans and other trash had been lying until removed during Coastal Cleanup days not a longtime ago. Handsized pieces of metal flashing have also been observed on the SE Ocean sidewalk southsid, near a Chevron station; and recent journalism described an IED that was constructed using air-conditioner flashing. Another small scattering of green glass beer-bottle shards was found in the same roadway spot as the previous leavings in front of Kcc in SE Ocean Boulevard bike lane not far from a flattened Heineken bottle cap.'s San Francisco, CA, listings a few weeks ago included an account of a Municipal Railway crash, one streetcar hitting another, in the West Portal area where a young man was witnessed years ago as the thrower of a aluminum can out onto the station platform.

From all of us to all of you making our lives a continuous hell so as to extend Wells Fargo Bank throughout the entire United States without legal lobby actions -- you can be declared foreign.

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