Tuesday, August 25, 2009

being put through the wringer

8/15/2009 -- Intact but dead form of a frog about four inches long beside the small stepway that leads into Cedar Pointe Plaza from SE Ocean Boulevard at Vista Pines through-street. Berry-covered branch gone from Martin County Administrative Offices sidewalk-side grassy shoulder again (this time not in my hand).

Oh no!..front-page Stuart News article describing proposed water-rate cost hike which means a fill-up of my little vinyl pool will be an up-tick of Kcc water-use costs. Boooo!

From the pile of aging household newspapers, Stuart News:

1/13/2009 -- 'Radiography career sheds light on a bright future', describes graduates of the 'new' Indian River State College radiography program "...skilled in x-ray and other imaging technologies..."; plus 'The world according to Anna: Who's in Vogue', which describes New York's Anna Wintour at Conde Naste and loss of three Vogue spin-offs'; plus 'Treasure Coast Youth Summit will be in March', "...eighth annual...". I can't believe that I'm the first to mention the lack of crosswalks at the Palm Beach Road endpoint here in Stuart, FL, not far from multiple schools, plus other disbelief.

1/14/2009 -- Death of Summer Garas, 25, in Oklahoma and "...three kids in El Reno...Canadian County...after a welfare check...were found..."; plus James F. Orr III joins Memorial Board, serving on multiple other boards as well.

12/28/2008 -- Baghdad, "Car Bomb near Shrine kills 24', "... busy road...shrine of Kadhimiya...car bomb...about 100 yards from Bab al-Dirwaza, one of the main gates to the shrine and market...has been a pedestrian-only area for several years..."...and yet, it's really not Old Mexico. Its a wonder whether all-out war between pedestrians and automobile drivers will ever become much more than a potential movie theme.

Death Angel mushrooms appear to be growing in Monterey Commons grass not far from an oak tree; the very visible white 'shrooms are lightweight and spongy rather than fleshy. One on the sidewalk for me? carried then abandoned where the bunny-ear cactus-pad sprouts have been weed-whacked, terminus of KTR.

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