Monday, August 3, 2009

Does Judge Judy carry John Lennon's shade? - Topix

Does Judge Judy carry John Lennon's shade? - Topix

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Anyone who ever had even the slightest contact with a 'Hinkley' family member became suspect after performer John Lennon's death in NY, including all such females with long blond hair. As a native of Bradford, PA, home of some other Hinkleys, a prejudicial attitude was continually if covertly demonstrated both in social life and in workplace as far away as northern CA -- a sort of pre-judgment that could not, however, easily be applied among non-yacht-builders.

Bradford, PA, is privately known as the place where the Scouts of America 'Sea Scout' program was quite suddenly accorded active impetus, following some mental compulsion to study the effects of limestone funerary monuments upon weather and creature movements. Thought to be a somewhat misguided initiative nevertheless enthusiastically 'backed' within the land-locked state of PA, the program has ignored the real impetus to call Scouts to see a tiny waxlike oracle-bead artifact discovered beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument in Degolia, PA, a few miles away from Bradford.

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