Monday, August 3, 2009

Around Kcc (sometimes it's Miller time (R))

A Sunday night walk to the mail-box in Ocean East Mall (a medical mall lacking defined pedestrian entry/exitways here in Stuart, FL) was humid and not at all breezy.

A branch was found lying on the roadway entrance to the mall near Walgreens, a somewhat dried-out branch bearing numerous black-purple berries that snapped off the main tree; and that branch taken up, slung over one shoulder and hand-carried to the Eagles Nest mini-park across the street (SE Monterey Road) while a number of SUV-type vehicles reconnoitered (one smallish and grey, a plausible match to some small extent to the description of a redlight-running vehicle reported in's San Francisco, CA, section that appeared and caused moving bicycles within close proximity to fall over -- gotta check them all when a specific color is reported).

During the return walk, which usually continues around onto SE Ocean Boulevard sidewalk about the distance of a block before turning in to Kcc once again, a small spattering of green glass-bottle glass was toed to the side of the bicycle path. A slightly-battered red and white pickup truck, empty, was parked alongside the inner Kcc 'lovers lane' section of the newly-tarred driveways that lead from KTR to the SE Ocean entrance/exit.

Later in the night, two police cars with flashing red lights parked in the middle of SE Ocean Boulevard between the Cedar Pointe and Kingswood condo complexes, conducting some kind of surveillance. It's not so unusual to see them in the middle of the road ticketing speed-limit violators at night, because the traffic becomes infrequent.

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