Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Roadside fauna and flora, Bradford PA

Above: dead meadow vole, roadside Hedgehog Lane Bradford PA
Below:  turtle remains, W Wa St near Southgate Road; small snakeskin beside W Wa St; caterpillar nest W Bfd PA environs; other small rodent remains Hedgehog Lane

Below:  W Bradford PA flora little red roadside leaf, prickly little leaflets, Queen Anne's Lace, and severed tree trunk all alongside Hedgehog Lane

o  Bradford Era dated 8-31-2011, page two Obituary:  "Michael J "Mick" O'Neil, 61...graduate of BAHS...welder...served during the Viet Nam conflict...".

Roadside discards Bradford PA

Roadside pants, Hedgehog Lane upslope from Interstate Parkway in Bradford PA

A long walk alongside W Washington Street to Hedgehog Lane, over the mountainside to Interstate Parkway, was originally intended to photograph the 'Gary Ostrander' memorial site, situated near power-station structures, but the HL roadside foliage was dense and the memorial itself could not be directly viewed.

 Above:  W Washington St roadside photos oily rag, broken beer bottle near Stephen Lane, and intact beer bottle near Forest Hill Lane
Below:  Hedgehog Lane roadside photo abandoned key
 Below:  found W Wa St, broken gun-shape automotive clip (on green jersey cloth)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Skyward sights, southward Bfd PA

Above:  This morning's skyward sights, southward view behind Pleasant St home Bfd PA
Below:  cloud formations moving along southeastward within Tun'a Valley environs PA

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today's cloud sights nw PA

Above photo:  Cloud 'stack' moving southward within Tun'a Valley PA environs, Bradford city PA

Cloud movements past hour

Some cloud banks rapidly moved southward, displacing hazy cloud sheets that moved upward/westward, as seen behind Pleasant St home in Bradford PA.

To AIA, FW:Folklore possibilities, oracle-bead site

Folklore can include 'Lady Liberty' egg secreted beneath oracle-bead limestone 'topper', although bead not egg.

what's that noise

Gunshot or firecracker, 5 minutes ago

Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Brainy Fish: Scientific American

One Brainy Fish: Scientific American:
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Fish with unusual lower-lip formations may indicate regions where oracle-shown fauna can be found, because history-images from a waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle are continually transmitted from an oracle-bead environmental site where other-species brains/neural-bulbs absorb and relay the content-imagery throughout the earth's waterstreams and land-masses.

This same Scientific American issue (September 2011), same Advances section, also presents article titled 'The Shape of a Nose', "Cold-weather noses may function differently from those that evolved in hot and humid climates..." with regard to "a narrow, longer internal cavity".

Police: 27 killed in fiery Iraq car wreck - AP News Wire, Associated Press News -

Police: 27 killed in fiery Iraq car wreck - AP News Wire, Associated Press News -
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This article describes a head-on crash between a car and a bus in Iraq.

Head-on crash in Santa Rosa |

Head-on crash in Santa Rosa |
'via Blog this' < As previously explained to FBI, ANY influence-network change accrues to those participants.

CA crash between car and truck "at that hour with parents driving their kids to...schools".

Friday, August 26, 2011

around Bradford PA environs, late August 2011

Above:  other view stone curb, Pearl St between School & Pleasant Sts; Callahan Park sights, rusting pipe in Bennett Brook near BAHS and mushroom near basketball court (8/20/2011)

Below:  8/24/2011 photos  --  fungus beneath maple-tree transplant W Wa St near BAPL; and rusting electrical-switch box, Boylston Street near parking lots

Post-car smash phenomena

Today's nosewax strip Bfd PA

Both and websites present an account describing a head-on collision between a car and a big-rig truck near Wilcox, PA, that left the car-driver dead "at the scene".  [Another such nosewax strip was formed 8/23/2011, but was not kept.]

There are few conspiracy theories active here in Bradford PA, where housing 'fixes' are and have been apparent during past decades until the present time; as ongoing example, certain families now reside around this Pleasant Street home following my childhood close look beneath the Degolia PA limestone roadside-rest/monument decades ago (that, rather than their own special looks)  --  all happening here in McKean County PA environs where Kennedy Springs is also mapped.

Note:  both past Hullaballoo and  Shindig television shows resulted from my observations at the oracle-bead archaeological site in Degolia PA, that featured a form of hip-hop dancing decades ago.

Plus, both 'Sir/han Sir/han' and 'Lee Har/vey Os/wald' are names that allude to oracle-bead site together with its limestone 'topper'  --  one a 'hand over' allusion with regard to mucousal-artifact, and the other a structural and placement allusion.  [Several assassinations/attempts afterward, such scenario histories can now safeguard a Perry Presidential candidacy from TX, or something converse?]

Thursday, August 25, 2011

1490 NewsBlog: 5.9 Earthquake Felt in Twin Tiers

1490 NewsBlog: 5.9 Earthquake Felt in Twin Tiers:
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Comment preview below, not published at Newsblog website:

the 'Puritan Ethic' as applied to oracle-bead site destruction

In addition, such microbes as poliomyelitis and pox may have been introduced within the region as a way to trigger the European-origin purification networking that would eventually rid motorists and production-workers of the mucousal-artifact distraction in its 'outside'/environmental placement beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument base and ground  --  an opposing force significantly different from other purification activities that would assure waxy/gel artifact oracle-bead continuous existence.

Monday, August 22, 2011

cloud and jet-trail movements between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m.

All photos:  jet-trail sights behind Pleasant Street home in Bradford PA

Sunday beer bottle sights in Bradford PA

 Beer bottle, top of Mechanic Street near walkway steps
 Beer bottle, Davis St near Amm St
Additional beer bottle, Pearl St near School St

Walker Ave sights Bfd PA

Sidewalk pipe vent, cap protrusion Walker Ave Bfd PA

Sunday, August 21, 2011

tally ho

Tally them, then send out single ID-plate use question/aire.

menfolk and monuments

I thought about posting this almost a year ago, and perhaps should have done so.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another hot one, crowds out of the area

Above photo taken yesterday, following tattoo/piercing businesses photos  --  rusting tall metal sign-pole W Washington Street across from the Bradford Area Public Library.  Not quite a 'gallows pole', but similar in appearance.

no front-bumper license-plate, instead largesse?

This poll is entered at Lackawanna NY forum.

Friday, August 19, 2011

why snooping around

Time for a cook-down  --  all the bagged bones in the freezer over a stovetop gas-flame for hours  --  not a slow  suicide or unnatural  space-heater use.

Today:  small brown-glass beer bottle seen lying alongside Boylston Avenue.  John Williams Pastry Shop nicely improved/renovated from Tun'a Creek streamside approach, an impressive update.

Note:  have received three 'no subject' e-mails with specific sequence, that sequence being first a blank/white screen e-mail, the next one proclaiming a free pornography service with same blank/white screen e-mail format, then thirdly the actual porno website directly showing home-page photos.

Mechanic St sights Bfd Pa

Newest Mechanic St tattoo and piercing business Bfd PA

Main St sights Bfd PA

Main St tattoo business Bfd PA

Universal making changes to Harry Potter ride after 2nd injury »

Universal making changes to Harry Potter ride after 2nd injury »

These injuries are believed to be caused by 'something' moving through the air.

Slain animal sequences

If chipmunk slain near cemetery, does slain cat mean bodies near ARG?

The death posture is 'heads away' from gravestones, facing the opposite direction  --  perhaps all such roadway deaths should be pin-mapped and further terrain investigation assigned.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

to Bolivar Drive then return to home

Above:  Mill St rainfilled ditch near ARG, railroad tracks, large under-road pipe (and graffiti)
Below:  light on, railway car tracks beside ARG near Mill St here in Bradford PA
Above:  inspiration for the sidewalk 'jump-thing' ramps  --  a collapsed plastic retail oil-industry container, Seaward Ave berm near ARG

Walked again to E Main St/Bolivar Drive area, to WALMART where Sterlite brand styrene containers fill one shelf-section; carried some foodstuffs to relatives addressed Bolivar Drive, moving from Seaward Ave intersection.  Bolivar Drive has been extended quite a bit since I was in CA; a former end-drive house now appears as 'just another' roadside house (local joke).  There is a small 'Israeli' cemetery with large headstones alongside the Bolivar Drive roadway; picked up rotten apples in '500' block from roadside to drop into small waterstream.  There is also a Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department facility alongside Bolivar Drive.

Removed jersey/shirt and ripped short-pants plus used cat-collar from Seaward Ave berm and carried them to Salvation Army addressed Jackson Ave, in discarded grocery bag found holding pepper seeds amid the bounding grasshoppers.

Note:  this past week a walk to the USPO revealed the prices on flat-rate containers changed with a black marker-pen.

Roadside fauna Bfd PA

Dead cat Seaward Ave roadway berm near ARG Bfd PA

Dead birds, McKean Co PA

Dead sparrow, E Main St near Foster Brook, Foster Twp PA

Monday, August 15, 2011

Callahan Park sights Bradford PA

Light on, daytime ice rink building Callahan Park Bradford PA