Friday, August 5, 2011

city-wide sights, Friday afternoon Bradford PA

A large and deteriorating fungus was seen lying on sidewalk edge Jackson Avenue across from ARG.

An amazing number of grasshoppers are active within berm environs alongside Seaward Ave near ARG premises, with such-insect similar activity also noted near the Eagles Club addressed E Main Street  --  both nearby Tun'a Creek here in Bradford PA;  a jersey/shirt and a jacket  --  no wait, it's a split pair of short-pants  --  were also seen lying within Seaward Ave berm area.

Several yellow walkway grip-pads are torn and/or moved from placements at Seaward/N Kendall Aves interchange and at Glenwood/N Kendall Ave corner near ARG; a routes-numbers sign is also down at Seward/N Kendall Aves interchange.  There is a beer bottle in Tun'a Creek below bridge N Kendall Ave near ARG premises.

A metal switch-plate is rusting at Main Street railroad tracks/crossing area near waterstream (and Bradford Hotel) environs.

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