Friday, August 26, 2011

Post-car smash phenomena

Today's nosewax strip Bfd PA

Both and websites present an account describing a head-on collision between a car and a big-rig truck near Wilcox, PA, that left the car-driver dead "at the scene".  [Another such nosewax strip was formed 8/23/2011, but was not kept.]

There are few conspiracy theories active here in Bradford PA, where housing 'fixes' are and have been apparent during past decades until the present time; as ongoing example, certain families now reside around this Pleasant Street home following my childhood close look beneath the Degolia PA limestone roadside-rest/monument decades ago (that, rather than their own special looks)  --  all happening here in McKean County PA environs where Kennedy Springs is also mapped.

Note:  both past Hullaballoo and  Shindig television shows resulted from my observations at the oracle-bead archaeological site in Degolia PA, that featured a form of hip-hop dancing decades ago.

Plus, both 'Sir/han Sir/han' and 'Lee Har/vey Os/wald' are names that allude to oracle-bead site together with its limestone 'topper'  --  one a 'hand over' allusion with regard to mucousal-artifact, and the other a structural and placement allusion.  [Several assassinations/attempts afterward, such scenario histories can now safeguard a Perry Presidential candidacy from TX, or something converse?]

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