Wednesday, August 17, 2011

to Bolivar Drive then return to home

Above:  Mill St rainfilled ditch near ARG, railroad tracks, large under-road pipe (and graffiti)
Below:  light on, railway car tracks beside ARG near Mill St here in Bradford PA
Above:  inspiration for the sidewalk 'jump-thing' ramps  --  a collapsed plastic retail oil-industry container, Seaward Ave berm near ARG

Walked again to E Main St/Bolivar Drive area, to WALMART where Sterlite brand styrene containers fill one shelf-section; carried some foodstuffs to relatives addressed Bolivar Drive, moving from Seaward Ave intersection.  Bolivar Drive has been extended quite a bit since I was in CA; a former end-drive house now appears as 'just another' roadside house (local joke).  There is a small 'Israeli' cemetery with large headstones alongside the Bolivar Drive roadway; picked up rotten apples in '500' block from roadside to drop into small waterstream.  There is also a Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department facility alongside Bolivar Drive.

Removed jersey/shirt and ripped short-pants plus used cat-collar from Seaward Ave berm and carried them to Salvation Army addressed Jackson Ave, in discarded grocery bag found holding pepper seeds amid the bounding grasshoppers.

Note:  this past week a walk to the USPO revealed the prices on flat-rate containers changed with a black marker-pen.

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